read/write permissions failed on cradle (dev/pilot)

I’m attempting to sync pc with a Palm Vx. Gnome desktop, OpenSuse 11.1, Gnome-pilot, Settings in the config tool gives pop up error: “read/write permissions failed on cradle (dev/pilot) Check permissions on the device and retry”. Permissions on the Pilot Vx or user/group permissions and how would I change them and where? Installed a clean 11.1 and I’m much impressed. Still learning but I’ve found that I can figure out nearly anything I’ve come across so far with few exceptions by digging around in the forums and manuals. This is likely easy for someone and things are working so well on 4 of my 5 office 11.1 boxes that I hate to screw around with them. Can anyone help?

Okay. I found this for my Palm Vx serial connection:

  1. get root (su)
  2. chmod a+wrx /dev/ttyS0
  3. exit

Permission problem resolved. Sorry to put it out there when I could easily read the manual. Just wasn’t persistent enough.