Re: Error wjile installing Plasma Widgets.


I get this error when i install gmail plastmoid or Logviewer…
The Error is like…
Could not create Python Script Engine for the Logviewer Widgets

Let me know what to do ?


Do you have python-kdebase4 rpm installed? This package is required for python based plasmoids. Try installing that first and post again with results.

I got the same error after installing python-kdebase4 from Yast.

Could let me know what to do next …

Hmm… Well as far as I know, the whole installing new widgets seems to be broken for the time being. The best way to install them is through Yast. Make sure you have the kde community repository then search for plasmoid. You can install a lot of plasmoids such as Fancy Tasks and Stasks this way. I’m pretty sure I also saw the gmail plasmoid in there as well.

Good Luck,