RDP connect from XP

Hello I am getting an error or something is not right with my suse 11 box. I am trying to connect from my XP machine to a suse 11 through XP’s remote desktop. It goes to the login screen, and enter my name and password and select kde, but then a connection log comes up and stops at “rdpx11 channel is not present”. And “error starting x11 rdp server”

Check that you left the server running with this console command:

sudo /usr/sbin/rcxrdp status

It should return: running

Can you connect from the console on the server – to itself – with the command:

rdesktop ip.of.itself

If no then it’s a server problem. If yes then it’s a problem outside the server.

Also check you opened the firewall. If you did then this command will return “rdp”

cat /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 | grep FW_CONFIGURATIONS_EXT=

e.g. I get this dialogue

griselda@server103:~> cat /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 | grep FW_CONFIGURATIONS_EXT=
FW_CONFIGURATIONS_EXT=“apache2 cups netbios-server samba-server xrdp”

For some more background see this link:
Windows Linux RDP Remote Desktop Connections using openSUSE as Client or Server (terminal server)