Raspberry Pi3 black screen

Preparing the SD cards was no problem for me. Raspberry Pi also starts and the boot process can be changed. It is also loaded from the USB stick and just before the setup window should start I get a black screen. I used this instructions: https://en.opensuse.org/HCL:Raspberry_Pi3 DVD installation
Why does the setup window not start?

Do you have the ability for a serial connection via say minicom from a second system?

What desktop where you looking at using, Tumbleweed boots direct from USB device from the images, this is what could be done with openSUSE 42.2;

Thank you for your answer. I wanted to try the installation with an encrypted LVM. I know that slows down the speed, but I wanted to test it. It would be an alternative to the other operating systems, as the installation is much more complicated with the other OSs. OpenSuse has an advantage here because of the convenient partition manager. OpenSuse could become the standard for encrypted Raspberry PIs if technically feasible. I wanted to install xfce. I unfortunately have no minicom to another system. However, the effort is too high for me and the installation instructions are still too incomplete. I’ll try it another time. Thanks for your quick help anyway.

Recommend install a default system for a first test before re-installing with changes.

That way, you can be sure you have a working system first.


I have got the same problem trying
“Installing the 64-bit openSUSE Leap 42.3 / Tumbleweed using standard DVD”
When I start the installation set up on the Raspberry Pi3 the procedure runs untilstarting udev

and hangs :(. The screen gets no signal anymore.

“Installing the 64-bit openSUSE Leap image”
the installation works getting an openSUSE with the Enlightenment Desktop which really quite simple.
I prefer openSUSE with MATE Desktop.