Raspberry Pi 3B on current Tumbleweed (20230116), built-in WiFi doesn't work

Hi, I updated the system today through zypper dup since last November more or less; after the whole thing was done and the customary reboot the internal WiFi SoC doesn’t seem to work. Since the install was rather chaotic, I chose to rebuild it using the Minimal image (no idea what the difference to JeOS is, that was the leanest), but upon boot I’m puzzled with the same behavior.

Kernel log seems to mention a missing firmware blob, but I think I see it present with a different filename and archived: there’s cyfmac43430-sdio.bin.xz at /lib/firmware/cypress (symlinked in brcm) and brcmfmac43430-sdio.raspberrypi,3-model-b.txt.xz

Am I missing something? Should it be reported as a bug?

I would have helped to have the text instead of the picture…

You could try making these symlink’s, if they do not work remove them again.