Rancher / (Open)SUSE as supprted OS?

Hi all,

found that Rancher has been aquired by SUSE, nice to hear: https://www.heise.de/news/SUSE-uebernimmt-Kubernetes-Spezialisten-Rancher-Labs-4839259.html
A pity , that we’re not listed as supported: https://rancher.com/support-maintenance-terms/all-supported-versions/rancher-v2.3.4/
Any plans, roadmaps?


I don’t know what the roadmap might be,
But since Rancher is an orchestration tool for kubernetes,
You’ll likely see developments related to Kubic, which is the SUSE/openSUSE implementation of kubernetes.

openSUSE documentation for Kubic is pretty sparse,
But you should find a pretty fiar amount of SUSE documentation with some modification applies to openSUSE as well, plus recommended ways to contact Kubic Users and experts.