Question regarding chkconfig check mode

Typically in other linux operating systems if I enable a service via chkconfig, for instance ‘chkconfig auditd on’ and then run ‘chkconfig auditd’ I get a finding of zero when I run the $? after the last chkconfig command. If I run the same sequence of commands except turn the service off I will get a finding of 1 when running $? since the service is off. In OpenSuse I run the same sequence of commands and my output is zero whether the service is turned on or off. Does anyone know why this is??

It may simply be that there is no standard specifying this behaviour so distros are free to do what they want. The man page says that the return status is only valid when runlevels to check are given to the command, not when the runlevel is not given and defaulted to the current level. I looked but can’t find any specification of chkconfig behaviour. Maybe you might have better luck.