Question Re: Yast and Architecture


I was recently experimenting with the installation of gnome. I was playing around with yast in gnome and had it upgrade my packages from x64 architecture to the inferior i586.

Is there a way that I can get my yast to run through the currently installed software and see whether there is a x64 bit version available for installation?

Thank you.

Not good. The ‘playing around’ has made a 32/64bit mix of your system. I cannot imagine, you have not been warned by Yast, that doing what you did might harm your system. It’s virtually impossible for us to recontruct what you did, so that we can solve this. I suggest you reinstall.

BTW: where did you learn that i586 is ‘inferior’? It’s not, it’s just software compiled for 32bit systems/installs.

If you want to experiment, install oS on a virtual machine and you can play around all you like without damaging your system. In your current situation, there’s probably nothing you can do other than to back up your data and do a fresh install.