question about boot/login

i seem to be able to install applications quite well since I know my password, problem is, I’m never logged on as administrator since I don’t seem to know my login name, which is, weird.

anyway, I was wondering if there was a way to retrieve my login name, lol, probably isn’t, huh? I know I can’t get it emailed to myself like a forum login

anyway no big deal I know my password just can’t understand why the login name I selected doesn’t seem to work.

I mean my password works fine, who knows, maybe I typed it in wrong when I entered it in the first place. Thanks

All linux systems, unlike windows, only have one all powerfull user. This user is called root or superuser (su).
There is a reason for this: a user cannot just modify the system, something that makes linux more secure than windows.
Since you can login as yourself, the system is working fine. When you perform admin tasks, it asks for the root/su password. By default, this is the same password you set for your own login password.
To get yout=r own personal login settings, go to yast>security and users>user and group management and it will give you a list of users.

lol, thanks a lot

i simply log in with my first name without a capital letter and no last name added

lol tried everything exept using my first name without a capital first letter

although logging on as the root user seems to bring me to a command prompt screen and then from there I don’t know how to continue

so I guess I’ll just keep logging on as a guest in the meantime since I know my password well enough

thanks though

and believe me I know about security policies

i’m actually taking a mcitp class, which I suck at

one thing they don’t teach in that class(obviously enough) is how linux domains and security polices work, I’m guessing they work just about the same, only guessing though. Exept linux servers are always command prompt only, right? No gui option like with windows.

Ok thanks


GUI is available to any user on a linux system. When you did the original installation, were you asked which desktop you wanted? KDE or Gnome?

If you’re at a command prompt, type “startx”, without the quotes, and see what happens. If you’re at the GUI login screen when first booting, look in the lower left corner of the screen, and click and choose the session type, KDE4 or other.