Qt6WidgetsConfig.cmake not found in cmake libs

I need /usr/lib64/cmake/Qt6Widgets/Qt6WidgetsConfig.cmake in order to compile xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland from source, and can’t see why I don’t already have it

This is the error message from CMake

I tried to fix it by installing as many libs related to Qt6Widgets as I could find

  • libQt6MultimediaWidgets6
  • libQt6OpenGLWidgets6
  • libQt6PdfWidgets6
  • libQt6QuickWidgets6
  • libQt6SvgWidgets6
  • libQt6Widgets6
  • libqwt6-qt6-6_2

None of these seemed to automatically add the needed .cmake file to /usr/lib64/cmake. Do I need a different package, or is xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland looking in the wrong place?

You need

To build a package you need devel (development) packages…

bor@tw:~> zypper se --provides -x 'cmake(Qt6Widgets)'
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name              | Summary                                        | Type
  | qt6-widgets-devel | Development files for the Qt 6 Widgets library | package

oh heck, I figured dev packages were for the people who were programming the libs themselves. That clears things up

@Newbetoall Any reason you building from source, or just because you can? Or just want the latest version?

the hyprland wiki only has official packages for arch and gentoo right now. They recommended building from source for openSUSE
It’s also possible I missed something and I don’t have to but hey, I learned something new which is why I’m doing this in the first place

andrei@tumbleweed:~> zypper se hyprland
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name                        | Summary                                          | Type
  | hyprland                    | Dynamic tiling Wayland compositor                | package
  | hyprland-devel              | Files required to build Hyprland plugins         | package
  | hyprland-protocols-devel    | Development files for Hyprland protocols         | package
  | nwg-dock-hyprland           | Hyprland application dock                        | package
  | xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland | Extended xdg-desktop-portal backend for Hyprland | package
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@Newbetoall as pointed out by @arvidjaar it’s available, I’ve also taken the liberty of updating the Tumbleweed version (I use Hyprland on MicroOS here) and submitting. Once accepted it may take a few snapshot cycles to appear;

I’ve also packaged up the likes of nwg-dock-hyprland, hyprshot and a few others. If there is something not available you need, just ping me.

Welp, I feel like I should have STFW’d before asking, but I’m glad I learned something.

This is my first time posting in the openSUSE forums, is there a way to mark my question as solved or something?

@Newbetoall nope, speak up… :wink: I’m happy to update stuff if I can use and test… but if you feel the urge there is no reason you can’t update packages on the openSUSE Build Service if have the urge…

We generally don’t mark as solved, your post is good enough…

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