qBittorent: Resuming downloads in Windows possible?

Hi, I have qBittorrent installed in both Linux and Windows. Earlier I put a file to download in Linux, booted into Windows and ran the torrent expecting it to resume but it just started from the beginning. The programs are both looking in the same place, everything seems to be set correctly so I’m wondering if that’s actually possible?


Short answer is yes, and the long answer is understanding how the torrent client works.

since the torrent file is stuctured to be used by any bittorrent client it contains a blueprint of how the total content is composed…this is broken into chunks and each chunk is hashed (checksumed). So the torrent client checks the destination of the download on your hard drive and if the content already exists, it will check each chunk to compare to the hash check (which is in the torrent file) and if it is correct…it recognizes it as already downloaded. All partially filled chunks are discarded, and it starts downloading what remains. The critical item here is that the torrent files be the same because the chunk size and order is important…no starting and resuming with a different file from a different place.

Pretty slick huh? :slight_smile: Better news is that it doesn’t have to be the same torrent client, you could start a download in qtorrent and finish it ktorrent. Sometimes programmers have great ideas lol.

But why isn’t it working?

well, assuming that the destination of the torrent is compatible with windows…(ntfs/vfat)…and you can select the destination in the windows qtorrent client…then it should work, if not you might try right clicking the torrent and select “Force Recheck” from the context menu.

good luck. :slight_smile:

It works now. I didn’t change anything… it just works now :smiley: