Q: wicked


is it possible to disable wicked and get back to the previous?
I’m running 13.2 in Server mode wihtout GUI.
Bad enough that we have systemd.

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Wicked replaced ifup so there’s no reasonable way for you to return to it.

It works fine and so does systemd - just adapt.

And it might be useful to you to start a thread about the particular configuration problem you have. Thus people might be able to help you.

There are good reasons to implement wicked.

When I started looking at it, it clearly applies a modular hierarchy and structure to what until now has been monolithic… in lay terms, there are clear benefits… Wicked should more easily support improvements and modifications into the future and therefor also improve reliability.

So, kudos to the folks that recognized the need and did something about it.

From the User perspective, it may mean less of a need to switch between the “old classical” vs using an app like Network Manager to manage network connections as what is standard becomes more capable.

As hcvv notes, if there is a specific difficulty we’re all here to look at anything you might run into.