Q: Mount option 'async'

what does the mount option ‘async’ / ‘sync’ do?

Are SATA disks operate usually in sync mode? Filesystem is ext4.

Do i force asynchronious mode with the mount option ‘async’?

Which role has the libaio-package?

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This is w hat the man page says:

All I/O to the filesystem should be done synchronously. In case of media with limited number of write cycles (e.g. some flash drives) “sync” may cause life-cycle shortening.

II detect from the man page also that async is the default. Thus why to "force’ it?

And I find there:

Some of these options could be enabled or disabled by default in the system kernel. To check the current setting see the options in /proc/mounts.

The following options apply to any filesystem that is being mounted (but not every filesystem actually honors them - e.g., the sync option today has effect only for ext2, ext3, fat, vfat and ufs):