PXE boot yast auto installation


currently I am interested in performing auto installation of clients which boot via pxe.
I already have a working dhcp and tftp server and my clients boot.

I downloaded initrds and kernel which are described in the following articles: 1 2
According to the pxelinux.cfg/default setting the client boot and loads kernel and then initrd and then initrc. I would like to provide automatic installation by using an autoyast.xml file.
I tried an example autoyast.xml file from the suse online tutorial.

<?xml version=“1.0”?>
<!DOCTYPE profile>
<partitioning config:type=“list”>
<partitions config:type=“list”>
<filesystem config:type=“symbol”>btrfs</filesystem>
<filesystem config:type=“symbol”>xfs</filesystem>
echo “Starting installation”
exit 0




Nothing special, only to test if this changes the behaviour of the installation process.
Unfortunately nothing happends whether i use the the kernel and initrd described in article 1 or 2
I also tried using a template of kiwi but had no success as no kernel is available after building the template (e.g /usr/share/kiwi/image/netboot/suse-leap42.1, i already created a thread here)

For article 2 and the life-64 edu version my pxlinux.cfg/default has the following structure


kernel boot/linux-life64
append initrd=boot/initrd-life64 isofrom_device=nfs: isofrom_system=/openSUSE-Edu-li-f-e.x86_64-42.1.1.iso autoyast=nfs:

LABEL Local-Boot
localboot 0

Can you give me a hint what is wrong here?