pxe boot mass deployment

Hello Folks,

i am looking into deploying my custome image (image taken with clonezilla) to about 200+ machines. i was looking into several solution but none look very suitable for my needs. does anybody know a solution for mass deployment that has worked for you ? also are there any solution that does not go by MAC address as this is the most difficult portion of it as i can not get a list of all these MAC addresses fro these pcs. something ideal would be one that uses a password instead of MAC

so ideally the server is waiting for a PCs PXE boot broadcast globally and will except ANY computer. BUT for it to start imaging a password will need to be entered instead of traditional MAC address authentication.

let me know what you folks think .

Probably a combination of Spacewalk and cobbler. I see in this document http://www.cobblerd.org/manuals/2.2.3/4/1/3_-_Systems.html under --mac;

This may help if you do not have a report of all the MAC addresses in your datacenter/lab configuration.