pulse audio equalizer

I need to open the audio volume settings and on the applications tab switch from the default to the equalizer manually after opening and activating the equalizer itself which is kind of inconvenient. I’m wondering if there is any way to avoid this and have the system switch to the eq automatically when I turn it on.

Just in case this answers your question…

Adjust the eq sliders to the preferences that suit you or select a preset. Select the Apply button. Put a checkmark in Enable EQ and Keep Settings. This should keep the eq alive and active for browsers and players.

Yeah…no…sorry. Already did all that but still have to choose it from volume control applications tab every time in Kde for it to activate eq, At least if I restart the system. Thanks for reply though.

Clear ~/.cache may help

Nope. Didna work. It strikes me as a default Kde configuration that says to work you have to specifically tell phonon or something. I can live with it. Just inconvenient.

Does removing the existing user PA configuration (~/.config/pulse/) then configuring PA volume control again help at all?

Might need a bug report to help progress this (based on your findings).

I cannot tell a lie. No it didn’t

I wasn’t optimistic either. As you mentioned it may well be KDE-specific ----> bug report.

Two months ago… But: in System Parameters open Multimedia and choose Audio and Video. There will be a tab Device Priority. In the right list move the equalizer device up to increase its priority. For Audio, Video and so on. Now the system won’t switch to the default device any more.