pSX Emulator sound:underrun

Back when I was using Ubuntu, I’d run this emu pSX (the absolute best pSX emu hands down) but I’m having some trouble running it in openSUSE (most likely because of my switch to KDE). It’s really really choppy when I run it and streams “sound:underrun”. Anyone having these problems???

Here’s the website if any of you GNOME users are interested, or someone running KDE wants to check it out and help me out :wink:
pSX emulator

I know about ePSXe and PCSX, but prefer this one.

Bump! (Anyone feel like downloading it and giving it a try? :))

I downloaded epsxe and so far its working fine.

I also prefer PsX . but I can’t make it to work on opensuse 11 x86_64… I have the same problem… and I rename the file /etc/asound-pulse.conf and it work fine for some minutes but later the problem start again.

any one have any luck here???

and with the epsxe I have problems with the plugins when I try to configure the video or the audio the epsxe close for error of plugin… I already try all the plugins but no luck.