PSPP, openSuSE Questions


My name is nelson and I am a marketing management student. In the scope of my degree I have to work with SPSS, lucky for me, I’ve found out PSPP which is the GNU alternative for SPSS.

I do favor people to advertise and build linux distro’s around productivity factors, and the lack of a good statistical package, when it already exists should bring shame to people.

By any means could openSuSE include this package on their distribution? I don’t mind building the RPM’s if I have to from scratch as I have knowledge on how to do it.

If openSuSE doesn’t show interest in integrating this fine example of GNU supremacy, could at least give me some FTP space so I can upload this packages and keep them updated ?

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Sounds like you have a good reason to learn how to use the openSUSE Build Service. :slight_smile: There should be several folks around here that would be willing to help you get started. I am sure they will chime in here. (hint, hint)

I have never used it. In the past I did made lots of RPM packages for software that my employer needed to install on our platforms. So I’m confortable enough with RPM and a text editor for ther spec.rpm. But if such a platform sorts out the naming conventions and accessory information, that would be great.

I can for sure give it a go. I know that this software isn’t important for many users as they don’t need to process this kind of data, unfortunatly for my work it’s a must :frowning:

I’ve been using SPSS for almost 2 years, and only found out about PSPP today and already installed it, works nicelly with GTK, already made it crash 2 times during some hardcore testing, but it’s functional and I would risk to say it’s stable if you work with it the way it’s meant to be :slight_smile:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, though I would love to see this package in the normal suse distribution.


Have you not heard of the openSUSE Build Service?

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No, I’m new to openSuSE, and I’ve runned SuSE from 5.2/5.3 to 7.0 at my home computers. For work always used RedHat as it was my employers choice due to contracts with Oracle which supported Red Hat back then.

Since I left the IT world in 2004, I’ve falled back to Windows because my academic route required me to use windows and some proprietary software. Since I got a bit more of freedom now to choose software, it’s time to move in and get back to what I always loved.

So in words, I’m new here, discovering a lot of different things, as the state of Linux as I knew it is a concept outdated by 5 years.

Unlike most people here, I trully would love to see Linux going in strength in the end user Desktop market. Unfortunatly it still has a long way to go. From the marketing management point of view, there was so much that could be done. A marketing driven distribution would be great actually.

I’m going to take a look into the platform and it’s documentation and gonna check it out.

maybe i don’t understand, but it seems to me that PSPP is already
available for openSUSE 11.2 via a 1-Click install from

so, nothing needs to be done other than run the latest openSUSE and
just install PSPP. . .