PS3 boot failure after online updates

I’ve installed opensuse 11 yesterday on my PS3. I already had 10.3 running on it and had no problems installing the new version. It’s a very generic install and I selected gnome. I haven’t tried with KDE yet. The problem happens after I apply the second set of 55 updates. The updates are successfull but the PS3 brings up the bootloader and then goes to a blank screen…no disk activity!! Has anyone encountered this problem. 80GB PS3 and I did do an MD5SUM of the ISO before cutting the DVD.


Ya, I just ran into the same problem.

Are you using the petitboot (graphical bootloader) otheros.tld from opensuse 11? Inserting the install cd/dvd should be recognizable from petitboot (cd icon) to run a repair (presumably restore the kernel from install cd/dvd). That’s the only way I know of fixing the problem right now. Of course, as soon as you update the kernel it will happen again unless some can resolve the root of this problem.

From petitboot, you can also ALT-F2 to bring up a shell. Since the app automounts all partitions, you can access your root FS by investigating the output of “mount”. For me, that’s /dev/ps3da2. In order to write to the disk, you’ll have to remount manually it since the automount is read-only.

I was able to fix the problem by using the install cd and going into update mode. Once you get to yast2, search and install “kernel-ps3” .

After reboot and back in petitboot graphical bootloader, edit the kernel command from /boot/vmlinux to /boot/vmlinux-ps3 before booting.

I’m having trouble mounting UDFs, so I’m also installing kernel-source to attempt a custom configuration.


I had the same problem here. Apparently there’s a problem with the newest ppc kernel on the PS3. Installing kernel-ps3 and having the bootloader point to that kernel is not really an option since that kernel is the old one.
It would be really nice to see a proper fix for this.

I personally used kernel-source with a custom compile. Seemed to have all the ps3 options pre-selected. I added UDF filesystem etc. Not having any problems whatsoever.

I know there’s a minor version number difference between the latest default kernel and kernel-ps3 or kernel-source. So if you really want the latest and greatest kernel, just download it from and copy over your kernel-source config file.