PS/2 Mouse not Working opensuse 11

Hi Guys,

I wanted to try out the latest OpenSUSE, since it’s looked cool in the past, but I had major problems with it so I’ve never used it.

Anyhow, I installed v11 today, and the mouse just simply does not work. It never worked during the live cd either, and I was JUST HOPING that it would start working after install (used the keyboard for install), but no go.

Is this article related? If so, how do I change my opensuse kernel to one that works, using the commandline? zypper maybe?
Re: 2.6.25-rc5.git4 regression PS/2 mouse not detected/working


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I also forgot to mention that the mouse does not work for gpm in console mode either.

Its possible that is related. It is possible it is not related. I don’t know.

Did you try booting to run level 3, login as a regular user, then run yast and configure your mouse?

… or alternatively boot to the GUI, and start “keyboard mouse emulation” by pressing simultanous <ALT><F12> and use the arrow keys to move your mouse cursor. Or simply press <ALT><F2> and type “konsole” (or “gnome-terminal” if on gnome) and in the terminal type “su -c yast2” and then navigate to Hardware > Mouse Model and try to change your mouse model to one that works. You will need to use a combination of left,right,up,down arrow keys and <ALT><character> to navigate. i.e. to access “Change” (note the underlined “C”) you would press <ALT><C>

Good luck.

Yeah, I already went through all of that before, except the command line yast (which I did try now), and no go. Like I said, even the console based mouse tool (gpm) doesn’t work with the mouse. If it did, I’d be questioning my X setup like you are.

I’ve never had my mouse on this machine not work on Linux. I have used RedHat, CentOS, mandriva, ubuntu, gentoo, and OpenSUSE 11 on this machine, and this is the first time I have seen this.

I do have a KVM switch, but I’ve never had to worry about it before. And, given that I need it, I haven’t bothered to try it without the KVM, because I can’t use OpenSUSE if it doesn’t work with my KVM anyhow.

I’m thinking it’s got to be the kernel, because of the fact that gpm doesn’t work.

What model kvm? Remind me to stay away from it.

I’m typing this right now on an openSUSE PC connected via a hardware KVM. No problem at all.

Why not try (briefly) without the hardware KVM, to see if you can remove that possibility from consideration (as opposed to speculation).

I’ve spent very minimal amount of time diagnosing. I compiled a vanilla kernel, as well as my own version of the default kernel, and no go.

It wasn’t the KVM. It may be the USB->PS/2 adapter though, as the mouse works fine plugged into the USB port. My mouse is a Logitech Mouse. But again, I’ve never seen anything like this on any other Linux distro.

I have a new KVM on order, which is USB/DVI/AUDIO, so hopefully there won’t be any problems with it. I am now trying out openSUSE with the mouse connected to the USB port.

So far, I’m not sure what openSUSE has to offer, as I’ve never used KDE4, so I’m not sure what comes with it, and what comes with openSUSE.

I would not go to openSUSE-11.0 for KDE4, unless you are a developer, or you love playing with cutting edge state-of-the art stuff, that is buggy and will crash at time, but appear shiny and new compared to other stuff (when the bugs are not bitting).

IMHO if a stable KDE4 is what one wants, then its better to wait for openSUSE-11.1.

I think KDE-3.5.9 is GREAT on openSUSE-11. Zypper (software package management) is very fast. (faster than apt on other distros). there are other improvements in 11.0, such as superior yast support for table PCs and stand alone tablets.

try some different boot options. I’d try irqpoll, That might work.