ProtonVPN GUi Asking Password 5 times


Since I have installed protonvpn-gui, every time the VPN tries to connect to a server I am prompted by yast to give the application permission to modify network settings literally 5 times in a row!! I mean that after entering the password, the same popup reappears. It looks like protonvpn modifies a number of network settings when establishing a connection to a server and I am prompted for the password for every single change the app is making to system’s settings (I can see the state of the network tray icon change and some notifications appear as a progress through the popups).

I’ve been coping with this situation for months but this has become very annoying and dissuades me from switching servers, even though it is often needed for web browsing when website admins have very aggressive anti-ddos settings blocking a particular proton’s vpn server. This is a big quality of life issue on my side.

Does anyone has any idea regarding how I can solve this?

Have you installed pollkit?

Hum I don’t think so, thanks a lot for the pointer I’ll look into it!

I actually already had it installed, what should I do/check with it?
In case this information is useful: I installed protonvpn-gui through the official repository of OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

Would be good if other users of the protonvpn-gui can indicate if things are working for them, I do not have it installed.

There are several threads in the forum with the same behaviour and even a bugreport…