Proton vpn

For some time, I have been using the free protonvpn on all my devices. After recent Tumbleweed updates, it is no longer available. They have upgraded to a beta that no longer has an opensuse version. They offer Redhat but I don’t know if its wise to install that version. If you search, you can find an old “community version” which I presume is what I have had installed.

Does anyone use this beta version? Do you use another free vpn? I have used Tunnelbear but that has data caps.

Since ProtonVPN is just Openvpn, why not download the config files from their control panel and use NetworkManager or Openvpn directly with them?

After updates, Protonvpn disappeared from all my installs. I think it still works in my Windows installs. I never looked close enough to see if the dashboard has a way to download the config files. If I find them, do you think they are transferable to a Tumbleweed install?

See if this helps…

Thanks. These are cli instructions. I was hoping to find the gui that would work with opensuse, as it did before. Some of the required files were not available in my repos. I’ll have to research to locate them.

This guide shows how to configure OpenVPN via NetworkManager…
It’s shows the Gnome NM front-end, but the KDE NM front-end is essentially the same.

The beta gave me problems :frowning: I just ended up going with a paid vpn service