Project Rebrand?

The naming of purchased, paid for, boxed (commercial) versions may help to visualise the S.u.S.E. / SuSE (Professional) /SUSE (Professional) / openSUSE name discussion –

No apologies for the inclusion of a Red Hat box which I bought after trying a set of Diskettes containing an Erlangen Slackware (LST Power Linux) distribution in 1993.


Only for a trip down memory lane. Not how most of us install software these days.

As Juliet says when Romeo muses on the impact of his family name:

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

As long as the quality of the software is as good as it is with the name openSUSE now, I am sure people will get used to the new name. After all, they had to get used to new name openSUSE once upon a time.


Hey all,
I read about the idea of a rebrand on reddit but also saw the video with Richard Brown (Conference 2024).

I don’t really know the processes of the openSUSE projects, but I like the idea of splitting into several independent ones. Especially because it makes the differentiation clearer. Even more technical people i know thinking everytime openSUSE is SUSE.

Perhaps there would also be the possibility of a clear cut with conventions that still exist. Here I am thinking about the branding specifications of SUSE, for example.
Yes, the different shades of green are nice, as is the gecko - but openSUSE is, as I perceive it, more colorful. I think it should be good to express this.

A perhaps controversial last point, since I use Tumbleweed, I know that the name is cumbersome when I want to explain to someone what Tumbleweed is. It is simply unclear to many people I talk to that Tumbleweed is a modern and up-to-date rolling release distribution. Perhaps it would be good to take this into account when big changes happen, as there is also „slowrol“l but no such thing as “fast roll”, or in other words, i would not associate Tumbleweed with rolling release.

I am not a marketing expert and I do see SEO things for users who are looking for information or solutions to problems if Tumbleweed going be renamed. It would still be an opportunity and I wanted to bring it up. In the end, maybe it doesn’t matter much.

Okay, so far for now, thx for your patience.

You’re misunderstanding. Renaming TW is totally not at stake. Nor Leap. These are both subprojects of the bigger openSUSE Project. Like also openQA, OBS, Kiwi and so on. The rebranding is about the openSUSE Project.


Oh, okay, i thought „everything“ is open for discussion. Thanks.

As a normal non-contributing user that only ever used community distros outside of work, I will say that the opensuse branding put me off of trying it until recent years and that was out of sheer frustration with other rolling release distros . I’m sure the discussed changes might be fraught with some pitfalls but I’d agree it’s a good opportunity.

Well to elaborate a bit: What some people ( like me ) already do is de-brand the distros TW and Leap by mentioning them as Tumblweed and Leap, instead of openSUSE Tumbleweed and openSUSE Leap. Teach people to use the distro name, not the project name, since there is no longer a single distro called openSUSE. That avoids ( on other platforms ) having to ask people with questions about which openSUSE they run. And in not just a couple of occasions having to explain about Project vs Distros etc. etc. “openSUSE” is and has been a confusing thing.

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My only issue with this, especially where leap and tumbleweed are concerned, it really makes web searching hard, when trying to find information, for instance at the moment, searching DuckDuckGo for “tumbleweed Linux”, the search results are pretty decent, but depending on how well you craft your search, searching for them as terms on their own, is less than optimal.

Not an insurmountable problem, but it is a consideration


Oh sure. We will need a team that will have to take care of a lot of these considerations. And make a good, thorough plan for the process. Getting such a team together will IME already be a huge challenge. Let alone all the work that has to be done.
FYI: IMHO there is no way the Board could take care of that (on its own).

No, absolutely not something that the Board can handle.

My view is that “openSUSE” is a community (with a project … )

On the other hand, looking at the thing which began as “The openSUSE Foundation” –

And, someone has reserved “” – with a Gecko photograph as a placeholder …

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and, walks like a duck – It’s a duck!

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Just a comment fr a non-specialist.
I started using 7.3, then 9.0, 10.0, etc. I am now on Leap 15.6, yet I wouldn’t know if to call the distros I had SuSE, SUSE, OpenSUSE, ?. Now with more variants, Tumbleweed, Slowroll, Kalpa, Microos, Aeon, ??, I need to check what are their differences .
In my view this is a mess, confusing to the non-initiated. It needs a full review, to allow for consistent naming, logos and numbering across the variants and allowing for incorporating future variants etc without breaking this consistency.
I am happy to muddle along with the naming, but hope this is what is being addressed

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Please read what was already written above

@hui , I read it. I was not saying the re-branding should be by the same group/ project/ sub-project, but that they all could do with a review for consistency

This is IMHO disappointing. It shows that you judge / qualify based on nothing but a lack of knowledge. You missed mailing lists, board meeting minutes, previous presentations on oSC etc etc. And, in my perception it is insulting towards others. Others that put a lot of their time and energy in doing things for the benfit of the Project and community.

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I’ve been an OpenSUSE user on and off for many years, possibly decades now.
At the outset, I have only read the email chain about rebranding, and so I am not fully informed.

So with that disclaimer out of the way, I think rebranding is actually a great idea because it helps the project disassociate from the company SUSE. This could be useful to get more visibility for the project which is currently shrouded in the SUSE name. It could attract more contributors and probably get more visibility and donations.

This would also help SUSE remove any confusion in the market and is great even for openSUSE users since the distro wouldn’t necessarily have to bundle enterprise-type packages.

The project may attract sponsorships from companies who may not have conflict of interest anymore.

Can’t this be called Geeko Linux since the foundation already exists? Or openGeeko. Search results are not really a problem at all - as a digital marketer by profession, it would take less than a month with all the chatter that would happen later on, to get this project to result 1 on page 1.

If I sound like a noob, I’m happy to know what are the pros and cons of rebranding.

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@sansubr It’s only about the Project Branding, nothing to do with the underling infrastructure and how the Leap’s, Tumbleweed, MicroOS variants are produced/maintained. FYI, I think all our packages are Enterprise ready :wink:

Ah I see. Basically going the Red Hat way :stuck_out_tongue:
What advantages or disadvantages do you see if you’re looking at it from an openSUSE perspective?