program similar to auto-apt

Is there a openSUSE equivalent to the auto-apt program on debian.

YaST -> Software -> Software Management for the GUI and zypper for the
command line eg;

sudo zypper ref
sudo zypper lu

See the man page for zypper for more…

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Yes, this is simmilar to apt-get. However auto-apt is a tool for compiling from source, and will automaticly install dependencies as needed from a debian repository using apt-get.

To my knowledge there is no equivalent, … although from what I have read, auto-apt is not without problems, often installing a lot of useless “false” dependencies.


I have used auto-apt a couple times, and was hoping I could find an equivelent for openSUSE. Despite the ocasional added dependency, it made installing from source a lot easier.

Well I’m not quite sure what you’re after but…

   source-install (si) <name> ...
          Install specified source packages and their build dependencies.

          This command will try to find the newest available versions of the source  packages  and  use
          rpm -i to install them and the packages that are required to build the source package.

          Note that the source packages must be available in repositories you are using.  You can check
          whether a repository contains any source packages using the following command:

          $ zypper search -t srcpackage -r <alias|#|URI>

   -d, --build-deps-only
          Install only build dependencies of specified packages.

   -D, --no-build-deps
          Don't install build dependencies.

   -r, --repo <alias|#|URI>
          Work only with the repository specified by the alias, number or URI. This option can be  used
          multiple times.


          Install build dependencies of dbus-1 source package:
          $ zypper si -D dbus-1

I am looking for a program that will either:
a). Install all dependencies of a source file
b). Install the source file and dependencies
Without the source package being in a repository.
zypper -d <source> seems like it will work, if this is the correct way to use the command.