Problems with rspamd for Rasbian

I have been using the very useful rspamd packages from your repository for a mail server running on ARM SBCs. It was working well. Recently, I have had to build new servers, and have tried with both Raspbian 10 and 11, installing rspamd 3.0-1 from the repo. The hardware is Rock Pi 4. Unfortunately, rspamd keeps crashing. Is it possible to obtain a .deb package from a recent 2.x release?

Typical log entries:

2021-12-26 08:32:47 #24668(rspamd_proxy) rspamd_crash_sig_handler: caught fatal signal 7(Bus error), pid: 24668, trace: 
2021-12-26 08:32:47 #24668(rspamd_proxy) rspamd_print_crash: 0: 00000033: <unknown>
2021-12-26 08:32:47 #24668(rspamd_proxy) rspamd_crash_sig_handler: caught fatal signal 11(Segmentation fault), pid: 24668, trace: 
2021-12-26 08:32:47 #24668(rspamd_proxy) rspamd_print_crash: 0: F2DEBB2C: <unknown>
2021-12-26 08:32:47 #24668(rspamd_proxy) rspamd_crash_sig_handler: please see Rspamd FAQ to learn how to dump core files and how to fill a bug report

Sorry, but I am afraid you should make yourself more clear.

What opearating system are you running? You only said OTHER VERSION, but I am not even sure you are talking about openSUSE at all.

Then you talk about “your repository”. Apart from the fact that the openSUSE forums (which is a forum of openSUSE users to help other openSUSE users) has no repository from itself, openSUSE has several repositories and these again are different for each version. Thus please, taking into account that we are openSUSE users, not mind readers, please explain which repo you mean.

Raspbian is a Debian derivate.

Also, I think he’s a bot.

No, I’m not a bot, why would you think that? As you say, Raspbian is an operating system. I didn’t mention “other version”. The location that shows the reposiitory and package downloads has a menu that refers to this forum. So I assumed that they were related.

The repository and package downloads that I refer to are at

The only thing that is available there is rspamd 3.0-1. I didn’t go into any details about the problems, because the question was simply whether an earlier version is available for Raspbian 10 or 11. The mail server was working until recently, but I cannot make it work without repeated crashes with 3.0-1.

Although if anyone has an idea for fixing the problem, that would be appreciated!

I don’t know whether it is relevant that syslog contains many entries like:

Dec 26 09:58:18 mx kernel: "rspamd" (15255) uses deprecated CP15 Barrier instruction at 0xf7993a4c

Well, you choose OTHER VERSION as prefix to the thread title. Thus that is the first and foremost information for people browsing through new thread titles.

I am now understanding a bit more. Nevertheless, this is the openSUSE forum and people using wha you use are probably pretty scarce here.

The repo you mention seems to be a personal repo of user susnerf. That user uses the Open Build Service for building and distributing his project. It is best to try to contact susenerf.

I clicked a bit around there and found: Andrew Lewis (susenerf). And after login there (same credentials as here) there is an e-mail address (which I will not show here on a unprotected web-page, but I will send it to you in a PM).

The forum is probably mentioned there because it has an Open Build Service section where people using OBS can discuss OBS problems.

But IMHO in the end you best go to the maintainer her/himself.

Thanks. Padding to make up enough characters.

You are welcome. I moved this to the OBS sub-forum. Maybe OBS people have better suggestions then I have.