Problems with routes!

Sup, guys!

I’m having a little problem with routes.
I got a openSUSE server, wich is my firewall and gateway(Wasn’t me the creator of it, was already here when I start to work). And I have three network cards, eth0 is my internet connection, eth1 is my internal LAN and eth2 is other LAN, wich I have a lot of Security Cameras and computers around the city.

My problem is: if my eth0 is down, I lost all the routes, and I get all my two LAN’s down :S

I need the security cameras on, even if my internet connection is down and I don’t know how to do this :S

I have quagga installed on it, but it’s turned off, so, if its the only option, I can use this.

Thanks in advice :wink:

P.S.: Sorry my english, i’m brazilian :S

If all your cameras are on a particular subnet (private addresses I hope), then it’s just a matter of installing a static route to that subnet for eth2. You shouldn’t need a routing daemon.


But… how do I do this?

Using the ‘route’ command?

If you have a route ebook or article that will be usefull to me, send me the link, please :wink:

You can do it in YaST, just go to the Network Device menu and set up a static route.

If you presented aus with the output of

ifconfig -a


route -n

we could get an idea whatwe are talking about.