problems with phpMyAdmin and php mcrypt extension

I installed phpMyAdmin and when I bring up the web page I get this error:

Cannot load mcrypt extension. Please check your PHP configuration.

So thinking it was not installed I tried installing mcrypt like so:

zypper install php-mcrypt

as root

I was informed that it was already installed and there was nothing to do. So, How do I fix this error.


What version openSUSE?

Anyway it would have been php5-mcrypt so that must have been a typo in your posting and it is really installed. But after installing it, you have to restart Apache because PHP doesn’t load it until Apache is restarted. Did you do that?

Yes, you are correct, it is php5-mcrypt and it is already installed, but for some reason when phpMyAdmin starts up, it is unable to load the mcrypt extension. Is there some kind of configuration that I need to do before I can use it. It is also asking for a password and I don’t know it as I did not set one up. I guess I need to go find a manual of some kind.


Try creating a webpage with this PHP code:


display it using your web browser and it will tell you which PHP modules are loaded. You may not need the mcrypt module, it depends on how you use phpMyAdmin. The login and password it is asking for is the same one you would use for logging in from the command line with the mysql program. If you did not set a password for the MySQL root user, then the password is empty.

okay, in the additional .ini files parsed section there is /etc/php5/conf.d/mcrypt.ini listed.

I was able to get in finally, but I can’t create a table. Everytime I do and I click save, it says “This is not a number.” It would be nice if it would tell me what it was talking about.

I only have two fields. One is an id set to an int, the other is a name field set to varchar.