Problems with M-Audio Fast Track USB

Hello I have some problem with my USB Audiocard with which i need some help fixing.

Actually i didn`t have any problems setting the card up, it worked as soon as i plugged it in, but after listening to music for a longer time some problems came up.
The output suddenly sounds like with a strange hard reverb on it. After some minutes it gets normal again. This happens every now and then.

I checked the soundcard and also the output device. They are working fine. (On my windows partition the problem also doesn`t happen)

Some ideas?

I am using Opensuse 12.3 with KDE
and use this soundcard:
and this notebook:

Odd, maybe a program eating CPU? Open a konsole and run top see if some program is using near 100% of CPU when the problem occures.

The funny thing is if i switch in photon between 2 different kind of output settings it always dissapears, but after some time appears again.