Hello, the problem is that it does not start the installation, it loads the kernel as it can be seen in the attached image 1 but when it’s going to start, that other screen of the image 2 comes out immediately. It has already happened to me with two computers, the main one is the one that interests me, it is a q9400 quad core of intel with 6GB of RAM installed and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 graphic card. The hard disk is 500 gb sata and it only has one partition where I have installed windows 10 Pro .

Would someone please tell me the path I should take? :’(


What kind of installation did you use? Did you check the media (checksum)?

If your 500GB disk has only one partition for your Win10,
You have to prepare the disk by making sure you have free, unpartitioned and unformatted disk space.
I’m going to guess that your existing 500GB disk has one partition that fills the entire disk, so you need to shrink that partition so it’s substantially smaller than it is now.

I recommend using gparted live, it makes operations like shrinking the partition easy, it’s all done with easy to understand graphical images.

You select the disk (may not be necessary since you only have one disk)
Select the existing partition and drag the right edge to the left, making the partition smaller to whatever size you want to make it (Maybe exactly half the disk?)
Accept proposed changes and gparted live will apply changes.

When complete, the next time you boot into your Windows, it will recognize that some external app made major changes to your Windows partition, so will run a repair to verify the file system integrity which will take awhile.
Regardless whether you boot into Windows next or not, your disk is now prepared for installing openSUSE, insert your DVD or NET install and proceed… The installer should detect the free space you created and offer to install openSUSE in that free space.


I used the installation via DVD and I could not check anything because that black screen
comes out quickly and the keyboard lights flash.

I have managed to partition the disk (as the partner tsu2 has indicated to me through gparted live)
and I have given an unspecified partition of 100gb but the happy screen keeps appearing.
I’m going to try now by formatting that partition as ext4 to see if I can move forward.

Try putting “nomodeset” on the kernel command line when booting the installer.

Note openSUSE defaults to 3 partition root/home/swap

One partition can be used but you get no swap and home and root are together.

Jut leave a space unpartitioned and let the installer decide how to use it.

I tried the partition as ext4 and I’m still at the same point.
I will try tomorrow to enter the command that you indicate nrickert but it has to be before the black screen comes out, once it comes out I have no option to anything.

I will also divide the partition into 3, two will be ext4 and one swap, although I did not see the option to indicate a mount point with gparted, but hey, I am already desperate with the subject.

Yes, this is something that you enter at the boot screen. Check my blog post:
booting the installer
for details on where to enter boot options (kernel options).

Gparted does not define mount points only partitions. The mount points are defined when installing the OS