Problems installing Gnome over KDE in SUSE 11.4

I’ve read in yast2 you go to patterns and add the two Gnome patterns, but this happens:

So~… I don’t know what to do ;__;

Sorry for being newbish u.u;

First option to deinstall kde-pure

Yes I am sure!!

xDDDD ok, I was going to ask you “wouldn’t it leave me without KDE?” but your self-quote convinced me xD

And when you are done
Make it complete by doing this

Make sure you select Gnome session at login (auto login must be disabled)

I just want to use Gnome sometimes, I still prefer KDE, so I should not do first two steps, right?

That would be better

So your login manager will look like this

Thank you very much, mister! :smiley:

You are most welcome