problems 11.3 64 bit


I remark 2 major problems.

  1. I have again black screens, even with LVM. With 11.2 no problem. I can’t say I often have, but hey, the black screen problem was gone with 11.2 and LVM!
  2. Chromium does start,and shows up. Then suddenly, stop. So I can not use Chromium.Same with Opera. Opera does not start at all. Firefox is no problem.

For the rest, 11.3 is really nice…lol! With some bugs fixed 11.3 will rock!

Sorry, guys, big mistake here! Opera does work! But Chromium not…Maybe we are just waiting for the new version of Chromium?

Which version of Opera do you have? Is it 10.60 or earlier/later one? Are you sure it does work correctly?

Chromium is ok on my end, using version 6.0.443.0 (0) out of the repo.

What exactly is the issue you’re having, please include any relevant information you might have.

Thanks and good luck,


Yes, Opera Versie 10.60 internal build 6386 system x86_64 2.6.34-12-desktop works fine.

I try to use Chromium 6.0.433 on the same install, but here during start I see Chromium for about 3 seconds.
Then Chromium shuts abruptly down.

Thee is one issue, thoug.
During the making of my DVD 64bits I downloaded using ktorrent.
The mis5sum was tested and all ok.
Before install I tested the DVD again using the DVD Check on the DVD.
My DVD recorder said all OK.
But my DVD player could not read a certain sector and that my DVDE was actually corrupt.

Could this be the issue? But why should that corruption not be detected by my DVD recorder?

Opera 10.60 works here, Chromium (don’t remember which version - the one from repo) works too. Unfortunately, some apps does not work for me too, for example Zenmap (I don’t know why and don’t have time to ckeck it out or fix it today).