Problem with updates in Tumbleweed again

Morning All, having a problem with updates on Tumbleweed again which occurred for me on 15/6/24. It seems to relate to the Mesa=LibGL thing in the title, not sure what that is or what application it might relate to?. Full failure notice given below. Guess maybe I’ll wait for a fix to arrive soon hopefully, unless anyone out there knows of a solution to this? Many thanks in advance.
“the to be installed requires ‘Mesa-libGL1 = 24.0.9’, but this requirement cannot be provided
the to be installed requires ‘Mesa-libGL1-32bit = 24.0.9’, but this requirement cannot be provided
the to be installed requires ‘Mesa-libEGL1 = 24.0.9’, but this requirement cannot be provided”

@jjis Hi, because Packman link against factory so the likes of Mesa appear before a new Tumbleweed snapshot is released. So best to just wait for the next snapshot announcement, check Mesa is there and you should be good to go.

Thanks for that, I guessed that might be the case. Just wondering do you know how often snapshots get released? It just that I have 392 updates (up from 192 I think it was) that can’t be installed now because this Mesa thing makes it fail.

As of today the OSS repo has a complete set at version 24.0.9 while Packman has a complete set at 24.1.0 so it looks as your system has a mix of the two; try switching all Mesa to one or the other according to your needs.

Hi thanks for the update. I’ve tried re-booting but the issue remains. It looks like it’s trying to install some 24.09 updates (see picture of update list 2nd & 4th item). But the error message below talks about 24.1, so I’m not sure what’s going on or if there is some kind of conflict? Looked up the Mesa drivers (see right of picture) but not sure if I should download those directly or add their repo? Frustrating thing is I don’t think I even need Mesa stuff as I don’t really use 3-d graphics as I’m not a gamer. Or could be because I have a Nvidia Graphics card maybe (running under x-11 as it behaves better than under Wayland) ?
Apologies if these are silly questions but I’m fairly new to using Open Suse.

Tried the links to the Mesa Repo & binary packages on the Build service - as per the above screen shot but get a page saying Resource no longer available.

You don’t need Mesa from Factory and apparently you have installed obsolete pieces from Packman and trying to update from OSS.
Please open a terminal, issue the following commands and copy/post the complete output including the command and the trailing prompt between “preformatted text” tags (use the </> button above the editing area.

zypper lr -d
zypper se -si Mesa

Hi thanks for the advice, I guess that might have happened when I was trying to sort out the error as I think Mesa got downgraded along the way. I have managed to get the updates through using Zypper & the sudo zypper dist-upgrade option. It threw up various errors with Mesa and after several iterations of multiple choices I manged to get the 24.09 packages installed & all seems to be up to date now.

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