problem with pam-wallet

Having been annoyed with needing to enter a chrome password every time I opened the browser, I tried pam-wallet. It worked ok, but when I open yast and am asked for root’s password, it rejects every try and won’t open yast. So, I uninstalled pam-wallet.

Many updates passed by, so I thought I would try again. But, it is still not working properly. It does supply the password (silently) for chrome browser. But I noticed a new behavior. Running a terminal, I typed “su” and immediately the password was supplied without input from me. The terminal became root. Still, if I try to run yast by clicking its icon, every attempt at supplying root’s password is rejected. Entering “yast2” from the cli opens the yast gui. This from the terminal that made itself root. Also, the only entry I see in the wallet manager is for kwallet5. No apps are listed and I see no way to add any.

I tried “pam_kwallet” with Leap 15.0. At first it seemed good. But then I noticed that it interfered with other software and did not work with “lightdm”. So I uninstalled it, and went with a GPG key for kwallet.

As best I can tell, “pam_kwallet” is poor quality software. I am avoiding it.

I did my routine zypper dup (once or twice a week) and now pam-wallet SEEMS to be working. Yast requests root password and accepts it. Chrome browser opens without requesting a password. Next, I have to get it to automount a partition on another disk.