Problem with media touch keys on opensuse 11.0

Well I have been using 11.0 since the beta and simply love it. I prefer the gnome version over kde but that’s all personal preference. I haven’t had any major complaints regarding opensuse (and if I did, I fixed them shortly after), however recently my media touch keys on my HP DV6700 laptop stopped working. Actually, they generally still work but are VERY buggy, only working every now and then, having to be pressed down hard and only mute and volume keys working. When I installed opensuse, all of the media keys apart from the quickplay and dvd keys worked properly. Does anyone know of any way to fix this problem? Would love some help. Thank you

anyone? :frowning:

Take a look at a couple of earlier posts on HP mutimedia keys in the laptop section of the forum (where you are now). These may help…