Problem with Leap 15.2 /DVD or Network installation Both with Gnome

Both ISOs are dated 27 July 2020 (download date)

I first did a network installation and every thing went well. Subsequently, every graphical update or every sudo zypper update would, on the update completing the action, crash the logon. I am presented with the login prompt. The same occurrence for some of the gnome extension updates.

I started with leap 15.2 beta, and kde, and had zero issues with leap. I needed to purge the kde version for a new disk, and so, I reinstalled leap 15.2, using the gnome option. The gnome shell, when an activity terminates (some extension configurations, and definitely after a zypper update, or gnome’s graphical interfaces) the shell crashes and the logon prompt is presented.

What do I do to produce proof (eg logfiles, etc)? Can someone duplicate my experience to confirm that it is not my system

My hardware, 120gig ssd, amd 2700x, nvidia graphics, 16gigs ram, 8gigs swap.

I have other distributions on my desktop system (Fedora 32, Neon, arko Linux, mint, ) and they do not encounter issues.
I use leap for my C language programming.

Just updated by “zypper up” one of my 15.2 installs without a glitch. The update included a new kernel so I had to reboot, again without a glitch.
My install is pretty much a stock Gnome install, with no extensions beyond those included in the default install.
Try to uninstall or disable all extension, or at least list the extensions you are using, maybe somebody here is willing to experiment.

Run the following to display the last 100 entries to the system log for your previous boot. If you want to read a boot that is before that one, change the “-1” to “-2” and so on to see the last things that were happening just before you crashed. Post the result here if you’d like others to help interpret what you see…

journalctl -b -1 -n 100

I have a little used 15.2 Gnome (fresh install) running in a VM, it balked on first install which sometimes happens but on second install seems to be working fine.