Problem with - Is there alternative?

Using K3b to rip new opera cds (Xmas gifts) to flac files on NAS and I have had serious problems with In one case the middle disk of a three disk set received no data and on the second three disk set, every disk was shown as the first disk but with different number of tracks. Looks like either somebody uploaded rubbish or there is a problem with the server.
Are there any alternative databases I could try or mirror sites if server is faulty.

You could try a different ripper (Eg; Asunder)

Did you try to reload the data in k3b

It’s worth noting that some CD’s are poorly put together though.

Didn’t think of that. Will try tomorrow. I think the CDs are good, new Harmonia Mundi releases. In my experience with classical cds the problems are usually with the authors. For example they frequently tag Artist with the name of composer rather than performers. Anyhow will try Asunder and Grip and see how I get on.
Best wishes for the new year and many thanks

Hi Carl,
Well Asunder certainly sorts out the CDDB lookup. Strange but it gets better, more detailed and complete data than K3b. I am having some problems with Asunder itself however.

  1. The first disk has 19 tracks. They seem to rip OK but I get an error message at the end stating that there were errors in 16 tracks. Enabled the log but cannot find any clues there as to what might be the problem. Also no parameters to change to reduce read speed etc. Any ideas?

  2. The files created do not have .flac ending included. How do I set this file ending?

  3. A more general question concerning flac. There is a slider in asunder which enables one to set the compression. It seems to default to 5. But there is a note to say this only changes compression not quality. I am aware that flac can encode at many different bit rates and sizes as the high fi buffs are keen to point out. Where are the parameters which are passed to flac set and is there a help file for adjusting these?

Grateful for any help when you have time.
Best wishes,

I don’t know
And I just tried Asunder and k3b
k3b was working better for me on lookup
SUSE Paste

I think you just have to experiment and use what works.
It’s not something I do much of

Hi Carl,
I shall keep trying. With asunder every try gives different result at the moment and still getting errors.
I used to have grip on my machine but I think I lost it when I moved to 11.4. It was the best ripper in my experience.
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Happy New Year,