Problem with Dual Monitor

I am newcomer in Linux.
I use 2 monitor with ATI Radeon HD2400 Pro.
I can configure my second monitor by using system menu:

“Configure Desktop” -> “Display” -> “Size&Orientation”

  • DVI-I_1/analog (Connected)
    Position: Right of

After “Apply” every thing works that I want.
But this configuration works until next PC boot.
After PC reboot, The configuration (Position) has changed to “Clone of”.

Is anyone help me to solve this?
What can I do?

More info may help here. Which version of openSUSE are you using? (I’m just wary of providing advice for openSUSE 11.2 related issues, as the graphical version of sax2 has apparently been removed). Are you using radeon or fglrx driver?

Did you applied the settings as user or su?
Try configuring it as su. like,
open a console/terminal or use the run command and type kdesu systemsettings, enter your root password. I have not use it on my machine so I am just guessing here.

Thanks for your replies.

I use openSuse 11.1.
I tried with ATI radeon driver, but it’s worse, one Screen is blank etc. Then I had uninstalled the ATI driver.

I have tried with “kdesu systemsettings” but problem is still same.

But in the console, when changed to register “Display”, get following message

linux-pc46:~# systemsettings(5394): ““UnifiedRect” - conversion of “0,0,0,0” to QRect failed”

Any idea?