problem with default applications in opensuse 11


I have a problem with opensuse 11. It is when I fix an application like default, opensuse fix the same application for Gnome and KDE. And I want to have different default applications in Gnome and KDE.

I’m using opensuse 11 x86_64.

Can someone help me, please?


I’m not sure what you mean by fix an application? Do you mean the Preferred Applications you can set in GNOME?


When I select an application like default, in GNOME or KDE. It’s the preferred aplication.

I observed this problem with pdf files, if I select okular in KDE like preferred, GNOME uses okular like preferred. If I select okular like preferred in KDE, GNOME uses okular like preferred.


Why not run both as different users ? Make two users:


You can run them both parallel and switch with Ctr+Alt+F7 or F8. This will allow you to have two completely different setups and run the at the same time, whereas just switching from KDE to Gnome as user ‘fonsocm’ doesn’t give you these advantages.

that is an interesting tip Cinq-Marquis…

One would expect that this setting can be set per DE, but it looks like a shared setting. I’m mainly using GNOME so I’ve never really noticed this.

Another way of doing this is finding out which file contains the settings and switch round when logging in… talk about making things easy :smiley:

But I want to have a only home directory. In that case, I 'll have two homes. one for fonsocmKDE and other for fonsocmGNOME.