Problem With Creating New User

This evening I wanted to add new user on my computer. After I created it thru YaST, when I logged in that fresh-created account, there was not default KDE panels. Just empty screen. Mouse pointer appeared, right click works, but menus can not be added. In my previous installations there was not this problem - every new user’s account contained everything KDE has to contain.

What is wrong now?

Thank you for answering my questions

Was it Plasma that was opened? It sounds like it may have been not have been. Be sure to select Plasma from the login greeter. Once selected it will persist until another a new selection may be made.

Yes It is selected (it is in left-bottom corner). I tried to login to root also. It is also same thing like in new users. Just my old user, I made when first formated my ssd, looks “normally”.

What is wrong?

Thank you for answering my questions.

Vladimir from Cacak

For the new user, is “XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP” set correctly?

 > set | grep -i 'KDE'

Is the Display Manager being used “SDDM”?
Has the SDDM configuration been changed?

  • Configuration files in ‘/usr/lib/sddm/sddm.conf.d/’ and ‘/etc/sddm.conf.d/’ …

Just to confirm, your running the alpha/beta version of Leap 15.3? If so, then a bug report would be appropriate in this instance… openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE

Ooops, I missed the “Leap 15.3” notice …

  • Thanks for helping with the Alpha Testing – please submit a Bug Report with –

The contents of the KDE and XDG Session variables …


I am sorry for misunderstanding: is this in quote the things I have to do (do I have to submit Bu report)? Once again excuse me for misunderstanding.

Thank you all

Vladimir from Cacak

Which misunderstanding?

  • Alpha testing is a gentle art which can only be learned by doing – there ain’t no schooling …

You can submit a Leap 15.3 Alpha Testing Bug Report here – <; – same login as this Forum …

Can anyone do this instead of me? I did not do this before. It is too much if it is in foreign language, too much for my eyes (please don’t ask me to explain) and because of these counted - too much for me to do alone.

Thank you for understand me.

But you have installed OS in alpha stage… For what purpose?
You may simply use Leap 15.2 to avoid such things.

I hope you had intention to write “fine art”?
“Gentle art” is also applicable, of course… :cool:

I wanted to say: can anyone submit this to bugzilla, because I can not to see completely screen at once, and also letters are too small to read if it is foreign language.

So, as suddenly it appeared, it suddenly was solved. I solved it. What has happened?

I often use TV as monitor using hdmi port. So when system logs in new account it logs in hdmi display, and on my monitor is just blank display, while "real desktop is in TV. So, I just must to switch display from TV to monitor (“win”+P). Now it is OK.

Thank you cos I know you would help me.

Nope – I regard “fine art” as being something which non-artistic people such as myself can, sometimes, achieve with photographic equipment …

In other words, it’s a KDE Plasma set-up issue for the case of a Laptop with a TV screen being used as a second Monitor via the Laptop’s HDMI port …

  • OK – someone will need to raise an Alpha testing Bug Report to cover this Test Case.

Try to use “Zoom Page WE” add-on (Firefox, Chrome/Chromiums).