Problem with Bombono and DVDUathor07

I was trying to create a dvd yesterday with Bombono which uses dvdauthor and it failed everytime I ran it with a spumux failure (I was adding subtitles if that makes a difference). Anyway I replaced dvdauthor07 with the older dvdauthor (0.6.18) and all worked well. This is all on Tumbleweed KDE Plasma 5 btw. So I am assuming there is an issue with Bombono, but it looks like it may not be being updated at present as per a comment it their website.

So my question is… Does anyone know any way to resolve this or can someone suggest another program which builds dvd iso files including an added .srt subtitle file? Currently the only one I’ve found which works is Bombono. Not keen on using a command line program, really want one with a gui.