Problem with Apache and system commands

Hello all,

I’ve been posting about this problem on various boards (including a few here) and I think I’m getting close to a resolution. I’m using Adobe Contribute to connect to my website and edit pages (and to allow multiple users to do the same) and it’s having a large problem.

When the program connects to the site and tries to make new files (user files, pages, etc), I’m being told it’s doing things like renaming files (mv), copying (cp), etc. I’ve turned off AppArmor until I can figure this out and start creating profiles, but is there anything else running on the server that anyone can think of that might be preventing Contribute from doing what it needs to do? I’m connecting via WebDav, so it’s doing these operations as the Apache user (wwwrun), which has full permissions in my web directory.

Or is there a log that I should be looking in to figure out why the process is erroring out?