Problem with 11.4 KDE login screen & power management.

Tried to change login screen theme,but ain’t work. Adjusted display brightness in power management to minimum,but always maximum brightness on start up.
Anyone face this? Any solution?

Depends what you mean by “start up”? If you adjusted it in KDE power management, the adjustment won’t show on boot until you login to KDE and get the desktop loaded. That is how KDE settings work for your userid. :wink:

Display brightness still not change till login to KDE and get the desktop loaded. There’s 2 user option in login screen: my name & root,I login with my name,should I login with root to get the login theme change?

You should never login as root at all!

Not sure about that sentence (“till” can be short form or distortion of “until”). To be clear does the brightness change or reduce after logging in to KDE desktop? Reply Yes/No.

From the KDE desktop, in Terminal/Konsole (as normal user) at the command line please enter the following command:


Post back here with the result of running that command (without adding options).

If you enter the command xbacklight --help you will see how to use xbacklight with options, to adjust the brightness. If it doesn’t work, let us know. :wink:

You need to change things in YaST first. Open ‘/etc/sysconfig Editor’ and look for Desktop > Display Manager > DISPLAYMANAGER_KDM_THEME. The value that you see set is ‘SUSE’. You need to change that to nothing.

And then you can use KDEs Login Manager. At least to some extent.


-Result of xbacklight is No outputs have backlight property

I did the steps,now the login screen change,but not the ‘Roman Sthylman’ theme I chose,it is an ugly blue screen with grey dialog & big KDE logo in the middle…

Ok that is unfortunate. It may be a kernel support issue that would require a bug report. Does it work using Windows (or any other distro) with special notebook function keys? If so, what version of Windows?

Hi I found this solution to change the login theme :
The respective KDM-module in the systemsettings still seems broken, but here’s a workaround:

• Download the theme with a browser (you will find it by name via google, they are collected on

• Unpack the file, you will get a folder with several .png-files, an .xml, .svgs etc.

• As root move this folder to /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ - these first three steps might be obsolete in case the KDE systemsettings succeeded in downloading your theme, so take a look in this folder first and look for your theme.

• As root open the file /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager with an editor

• Search for a line "DISPLAYMANAGER_KDM_THEME=“Name_of_your_old_theme” (←probably “SUSE”). I will be the very last line.

• Replace the name of your old theme with the exact name of the folder of your new theme and save that file. No need for the full path, just the name of the folder.

That should do the trick.

But I’m not familiar to move a folder in terminal,can show me a tutorial? Thanks!

In Unix/Linux such a thing a called a “directory” and you can move directories (and other files) with the mv command. See

man mv

Done. Just change the ‘SUSE’ in DISPLAYMANAGER_KDM_THEME to ‘horos’ ( the theme I select ),now it change. Thanks.

Thanks bro. I have only one OS in my laptop. Display brightness still maximum after the desktop loaded,so I have to manually reduce it. The minimum brightness works fine in 11.3,but not in 11.4 now…

You don’t necessarily have to use the terminal. Dolphin as root does the trick too.

Hi, I have MacBook Pro (latest version, baught in 2010 August). I am running Opensuse 11.4 64-bit version with KDE. In fact, I have upgraded from 11.3 to 11.4 yesterday. Everything works fine so far except the screen brightness. From boot until the login-screen the screen brightness is good, however, as soon as i login the display brightness decreases dramatically. I have set maximum brightness in power-management profiles. Still, it did not work. The hot keys for brightness control are working, but the maximum brightness itself is very low. Can you please suggest me what to do ?

It got fixed with the inclusion of NVIDIA drivers. But the brightness control keys are not working now. Neither the hot keys nor the changes in power profiles have any effect on brightness. It seems the brightness is maximum and it is locked somehow.