Problem w/ resolv.conf Suse 11.1

Hi folks,
in this forum I’m a newbee, but still work w/ Suse since 1993…:wink:

So my question is:
Does anyone had ever the problem that Sax2 has overwritten /etc/resolv.conf???
The resolv.conf.netconfig was untouched…
I found out, when tryin’ to open websites.
Amarok still played internetradio, but sites won’t open by the devil…

Biiiig questionmark for me…

Thanks for any ideas

Sorry, but your post is not very informative. You somewhere jump to the conclusion that /etc/resolv.conf is wrong by a resent change. An

ls -l /etc/resolv.conf

could have shown all of us that it was changed recently. And

cat /etc/resolv.conf

could have shown us if there is something wrong there.

Also it is not clear to me what “sites won’t open by the devil” means. Often people think they have name resolving problems when they use e.g. *ping, *or a browser and get an error message saying something like “unknown host …”. But you give us no error message from the devil.

At last I doubt if sax2 can have anything to do with network/internet because it does things with your graphics card/monitor configuration.

As sax2 does not have anything to do with network setup, why should it?


su -c "netconfig -f update"

and read “man 8 netconfig” and the comments in /etc/sysconfig/network/config carefully (especially the ones about DNS policy handling).