Problem upgrading to CUPS 2.2.1

I have had CUPS 1.7.5 operating fine for a while and as I was researching I found that CUPS releases was up to 2.2.1 so I downloaded the file from

Then I followed the INSTALL.txt file and ran the following commands with no errors.


After restarting CUPS and accessing the CUPS server page I am still running 1.7.5.

What did I do wrong to not complete the upgrade? What should my next step be to either remove the 2.2.1 files or complete the upgrade?

While I personally would not try to replace software that was part of my openSUSE version and that was “operating fine” with some other version from outside, I assume that de-installing the official openSUSE vesion (through YaST or zypper) would be something to be done before trying to install the self build version.

You bring up a great point I was just reading the latest versions of CUPS and I thought I would try the latest version. I have removed the 2.2.1 files and directories and moved on to other projects. I posted the question to see if anyone else had installed a new version of CUPS. Thank you for the advice.

You mean you deleted the (maybe only some) files, but did not de-install the package? A bit like removing the legs from under the table?

I deleted the files I downloaded and when I search in YAST I do not find CUPS 2.2.1. Your advice about sticking with the installed opensuse version is what I am going to do. Why fix something that is not broken. Than you for all of the help.

I see that you have decided to stick with cups 1.7.5 but if you change your mind just use the repo up-date for 42.1 printing at:

This has cups 2.1.3