Problem sending file Kopete Application?

Hi all,

How are you today?
I’m use Open Suse 12.2.
I have problem sending file in Kopete Application Yahoo Messenger.
Every I sending file to yahoo messenger application in different Operating System, say Windows always fail.
Fail in here, loading sending file can’t keep spin, so that file can’t sending to my friend.
Can you help me about this problem?
I’hve check settings in my kopete application, but overall well it.

Okik Setianto

So transfer works with openSUSE==>openSUSE ?

Yes you’re right, transfer very easy and run smoothly in same open suse, but in different operating system (opensuse sending to windows)
loading sending file it’s not move in according size.
You have solution?

No. Just wanted to know whether there are no problems with kopete per se and your firewall settings are probably good.

This seems to be a very old problem

Can you tell me what should I do, step by step? Please.

You may need to open a bug report

But I don’t really use Yahoo and never send files via any messenger service

But I started it in kopete (same id as here in the forum)

Fire up windows at your end and I’ll send you a file

The situated problem on different Operating System.
I can’t sending file to my friend because different Operating System Windows?
So what should I do?
Please tell me know, about this problem?

He says he will test the application with you. He asks you to arrange a session for testing this

Are you saying. You don’t have windows?

No, I’hve two Operating System.
one Open Suse and one again Windows.
Are you test sending file to me from kopete, and me use windows?
Please add me to your yahoo messenger “okiksetianto” if you’ll test sending file.

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