Problem running Songbird 1.0

Hi, I am using openSuse 11.1 (KDE), which I really like. I would like to use Songbird. I can install it without any difficulty but when I go to run it, I get the bouncing icon for a while and then it stops without launching the application - any ideas? Many thanks, d

Try to run it from terminal (i remember i had problems with Songbird because i didn’t have some gstreamer packages, i’m not sure if it was fluendo mp3 but try this one but it’s definitely something with gstreamer package missing)

Thanks, yes, the problem is with gstreamer, though I am sure I have this installed. I use xine with Kaffeine so that I can watch tv, but need to associate songbird with gstreamer, but don’t know how to do it. d

Well i know KDE relies more on xine than gstreamer, what You need to do is to install every possible gstreamer package (good, base, bad and ugly, also try mp3 from fluendo and gstreamer). That should help.

I remember having the same problem as You have. I’ll try to install Songbird and look into it for Ya.

Many thanks, I will give it a go later. d

Hi, I installed everything gstreamer from Packman and Songbird now works! Many thanks. Miro still doesn’t, though, as per my other post. d