Problem installing mplayer

okay so recently i installed opensuse 11.0. Previously i worked with the 10.1 version in which i had mplayer to play all my video files. Now i want to install this on my computer but it doesnt’ work. I downloaded the source from and unpacked it in my Documents folder. I go to the command line an type ./configure and it works fine, it doesn’t give any errors. But when i type make the console says

bash: make: command not found

any ideas what i am doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance


Isn’t it obvious? you don’t have ‘make’ installed

I see this is your first post. WELCOME to our forum, and WELCOME to openSUSE Linux !

As microchip notes, you need to install “make”. In fact you should install a development environment IF you wish to compile/build mplayer.

Go to YaST > Software > Software management, and under “filter” select “patterns”. Then select the pattern under Developement called “Base Development” (have your installation CD/DVD handy, or a good internet connection). Install the apps under that pattern, and then exit YaST.

Then try again.

But please, a silly question on my part. Why are you trying to build/compile mplayer. I know there can be good reasons, but given you did not understand the make error, I’m thinking you may not be one of those who wish to fine tune their mplayer with a custom install. Why not instead install the mplayer (and smplayer) packaged by Packman: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket MPlayer

Have you taken the time to setup your software repositories yet?

If not, with your PC connected to the internet I recommend you go here: Repositories/11.0 - openSUSE-Community and following those instructions select OSS, Non_OSS, Update and Packman. Just those 4. No others. None. After you learn more about the risks and implications of adding others, can you add others. For now just those 4.

Now after those 4 are selected, with your pc still connected to the internet, go to YaST > Software > Software management, and select for intallation smplayer. That will install the gui front end to mplayer (called smplayer) and will install mplayer and all the dependencies. Its fast, its quick, and it works reasonably well.

Good luck, … and again, WELCOME.

  • larscapaldi,

way too complicated, IMHO. Yast, Software, Software Repositories, Add, Community Repositories: Add “Packman”.
Now go back to the Software Management and install MPlayer, mplayer-plugin and w32-codecs.


Okay thanks everyone. It worked!

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