Problem in Installing multimedia codecs

Hi I am new to Linux, can anyone tell me how to install codecs, as when i am trying to install i am finding this error

An error occurred while initializing the software repository.
Url scheme is a required component

and sometime like repository can be loaded

Hello. Welcome here.

That said, I must tell you that none of us here is clairvoyant. Thus you definitely should provide more information. General ones like
. What is your openSUSE level;
. Do you use a DE and when yes which one (KDE, Gnome, other).
And poblem specific ones like;
What are you doing when you say you “try to install”? We can not look over your shoulder.
In anticipating your answer, the way we recommend is: Multimedia and almost nobody has problems with that.

When posting computer text, please do so between CODE tags: Posting in Code Tags - A Guide
when applicable inclusing the command you give.