Problem in boot screen

I have problem in boot process. It freeze in black screen with waiting cursor.
I can fix this problem with press Alt+Ctrl+Backspace two time immediately. System play beep sound and after 2 3 second Login screen will appear

I had no problem after install.
I just installed some application with YaST:

  • VLC
  • VirtualBox
  • Some codec

  • and remove openjdk package

I use Lenovo G460.
Is there a solution to solve this problem permanently?

Using Control-Alt-Backspace apparently restarts the x session and is related to using Clt-Alt-F1 through F7 to select terminal session and to return back to your desktop. It sounds like X is hanging for some reason. You told us nothing though about your openSUSE installation or the video hardware it is running on. Please tell us more:

openSUSE version 11.4 or 12.1, 32 or 64 bit
Desktop used, KDE or GNOME
Video System and Chipset if known (AMD, nVIDIA or Intel)
Anything else like how long has openSUSE been installed on this PC…

Thank You,

Oh, Thanks for your comment

System information:
Laptop Lenovo G460
Graphic card: nVidia GeForce 310M 512MB graphics
Graphic driver that is already in use: Gallium 0.4 on NVA8

OS information:
Version: 12.1
Shell: Gnome (I used live gnome CD to install)
The problem exist before and after update (But it was OK before install some application like VirtualBox, VLC … and remove OpenJDK)
This is first week that I install Opensuse (I used Ubuntu for 2 3 year)

Please tell me which kind of log is needed to send it to you, if it’s needed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t Gallium a Virtual machine graphics driver??? Are you running openSUSE in a VM?


No! :open_mouth:
And Graphic (2D) performance is really good!
I used Nouveau in Ubuntu before. It’s already install in my system too. But in Gnome “System setting > System Info” show that I’m using “Gallium 0.4 on NVA8”

Even though performance is “good” with the open source driver, have you considered installing the proprietary nVIDIA video driver? I have not looked up this computer hardware yet. Are we sure its not using Optimus technology for graphics? If the Nouveau loads and mostly works, I would assume not, but I must ask.

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