problem connecting to my server

i finaly managed to set my 11.1 server… but i cannot managed to login into using vnc/nx/telnet/putty ssh…

i turned off the firewall, restart services …nothing.
i couldn’t find a note/doc regarding setting these things.

i’m trying to connect from windows xp using nomachine nx, realvnc or putty…

thanks in advance,

I believe you have to enable remote desktop connection on the host.

It’s not clear what you’re asking. Do you want to focus on just one of them? Or use all of them to see what you like?
Anyway, for VNC or RDP you could read about the necessary RPMs and settings and so on here:
Windows RDP / openSUSE XRDP Remote Desktops
VNC Remote Desktop on openSUSE
Maybe they’ll give you some background.

ssh may be the easiest thing to test.

If firewall is off, just try to run ssh from a terminal (of the Linux machine itself) and see it is working or not.

ssh localhost

Once it is found to be working, you can try putty/ssh from another machine.